Your LinkedIn Profile is the fundamental basis
for most of the success you will generate on LinkedIn.

Not sure if you need a maximzed profile?

We've created a 7 Lesson E-Course which is a great way to learn how to increase your effectiveness on Linkedin. While it is not completely focused on your Profile, it offers many tips that have a direct impact on it. You will receive the 7 free lessons emailed to you roughly every 3 days.


In this age of the Internet, keeping up with the competition demands cultivating contacts even when you are sleeping. It’s Social Fusion! This is a user-friendly guide to leveraging the power of LinkedIn to build visibility, make connections, and support your brand. They say everyone in the world is connected by no more than 6 people. You know who you are but who else in this socially networked world knows you? There are millions and millions of registered users on LinkedIn, but relatively few seem to have any real direction on how to use LinkedIn to achieve their social networking goals. Do you?

42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on Linked In will provide you with the ability tohttp://www.linktoprosper.com/careersolvers/product/images/images/book1.jpg

* Create a clear understanding for why you are using LinkedIn and support it with a thoughtful strategy and a commitment of time.
* Generate a high level perspective of ways that LinkedIn can offer opportunities for success ranging from the Job Seeker to the Sales Person and everyone in between.
* Leverage the most effective ways to communicate your brand and your value.
* Use efficient strategies to build a high quality network of connections
* Tap into some of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn offers to demonstrate your
* Learn specific tactics and step by step rules for using various LinkedIn functionality.



Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

– Webinar $47

Your LinkedIn Profile is the place for you to exhibit your brand 24 hours a day. What is the value of an effective profile? A new job, a new client, a new hire? Leveraging your Profile to achieve anyone of these could be worth thousands of dollars for you! Is the potential for this worth almost an hour of your time and $47? Here’s what it will focus on:

Establishing Direction - It all starts by generating your strategy and supporting it with your brand. We’ll get you properly pointed.
Generating Brand Awareness – This session will highlight specific areas on the Profile for you to more effectively brand yourself
Helping You Get Found – We’ll review opportunities for you to be search engine optimized, in addition to other simple ways that can help people find you
Out of sight, out of mind. Remember the old cliché? - We’ll show you how to leverage the power of “permission-based” marketing to help you stay in front of your connections
The New Apps - LinkedIn has added new Applications for the profile – we discuss how to use the ones that are most effective

This is for you if you want to learn the “How-To” to the items we asked you about above:

  • Will everyone who sees my name on LinkedIn– in 3 seconds or less, know exactly what my expertise is?  If not, you are missing multiple opportunities
  • Remember how people are trying to block “interruptive” communication – what are you doing to effectively leverage permission based communication?  Don’t let your messages get lost in the “clutter”
  • There are 10 new LinkedIn applications – how many of them are you using and how do they tie into your overall strategy? Are you leveraging the tweats from Twitter into your LinkedIn Profile?
  • How are you leveraging Microsoft Outlook with your Profile?  Did you know you could?
  • Is your Profile set up to optimize your rank in a LinkedIn search?
  • Does your profile most effectively leverage your brand?
  • Do you “communicate” even when you are sleeping?

We take the often overlooked profile and break it down into simple, doable steps... so you can make yours work for you.

Is it worth $47?  Well, consider this.  First, the program was created by the authors of a Best Selling book on LinkedIn and… an hour of coaching with them is $195.  If you are unsure, check out the free eCourse or purchase the book to get more familiar with our material.

SPECIAL OFFER – Add a 30 Minute, 1 on 1 Coaching Session to the Profile Webinar for only $75 more


Your Profile drives your LinkedIn experience. Is yours humming like a fine tuned engine or does it need help?

Is a LinkedIn Profile Assessment right for you?  Answer these questions:

Do you feel that you have a fairly strong LinkedIn Profile and want someone to “audit” it for you?
Yes    No
Perhaps you just want a list of specific items you need to focus on to maximize your Profile.
Yes    No
You want to work on your Profile but want significant guidance without “breaking the bank”
Yes    No

If you answered YES to any of the above,  our Profile Assessment is perfect for you.

In our Assessment we will review over 30 key elements in your Profile – everything that we talk about on this page, in our book, on our webinar, in our free eCourse… ALL OF IT is reviewed by us during this process. 

Our process begins with a very short 15 minute call with you. YES you do talk to a live person 1on1!  Then we proceed to run our proprietary tool that assesses your Profile.  Upon our completion of this process, we provide you a report, typically averages 8-10 pages, with a “laundry list” of items for you to do to increase the effectiveness of your Profile.


The Extreme Makeover is a complete makeover of your LinkedIn Profile by us.  We work with you to craft your strategic direction for your Profile, run our proprietary Assessment on your Profile, and then we go ahead and craft all the copy for you that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of it.  We review all of this with you before we start the project.

We recommend this service for people that have not put effort into their profile or don’t have the time to do so as this provides them with a completely revised profile. For those that have a fairly strong profile, we recommend either our Assessment, which reviews and suggests enhancements to your existing Profile or our Profile Makeover Webinar.

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