Your LinkedIn Profile is the fundamental basis
for most of the success you will generate on LinkedIn.

Without a strong & effective profile,
you greatly limit your chances for that success

Meet Bob...

Let us introduce you to Bob Smith…  Perhaps you met Bob for 2 minutes at a networking event, you liked the guy and were curious to learn more about him so you went to LinkedIn to check out his Profile and… not much is there.

After reading it, what do you think your next step is?


We are guessing that your answer is… “probably spend about 3 seconds glancing at it and then moving on”, essentially forgetting about Bob Smith.   Why?

Bob does not make it easy for you to get to know him or more importantly, didn’t provide something that “hooks” your interest.


What Can a Maximized Profile do?

Turn curiosity into relationships and that is very important, considering there are millions of people
on LinkedIn and you only have a couple of seconds to get them interested in you.

Depending on your goals for LinkedIn, it can:

  • Assist you in finding a new job
  • Help you establish new ways to market your business and generate new revenue opportunities
  • Communicate directly to your customers, vendors and business partners
  • Build Relationships with new potential customers /land new business
  • Focus on permission-based communication – people are tired and trying to block interruptive communication – think of SPAM filters, Tivo, etc
  • Supplement your in-person networking
  • Generate traffic for your websites
  • Contribute to your Google rankings

AND MORE! …all targeting an affluent (and hard to reach) demographic – average age of 41 with $110,000 of household income

Interested in Success stories?  LinkedIn offers some interesting ones here:

What do I need to do to maximize my Profile?

Here is a process that many people tend to follow…

  • They receive an invite to join LinkedIn.
  • Then they register, barely filling out their profile and then start to connect with friends and colleagues.
  • Unfortunately, they never go back and revise their initial attempt at a profile.

This is so prevalent that LinkedIn actually provides a “score” letting you know when your profile is 100% complete.

There are seven features that need to be addressed.


However, even a 100% completed Profile does not ensure that your profile
is maximized for effectiveness

You need to address things like:  

  • Will everyone who sees my name on LinkedIn– in 3 seconds or less, know exactly what my expertise is?  If not, you lost a very powerful way to help yourself
  • Remember how people are trying to block “interruptive” communication – what are you doing to effectively leverage permission based communication?  Don’t let your messages get lost in the “clutter”.
  • There are 10 new LinkedIn applications – how many of them are you using and how do they tie into your overall strategy? Are you leveraging the tweats from Twitter into your LinkedIn Profile?
  • How are you leveraging Microsoft Outlook with your Profile?  Did you know you could?
  • Is your Profile set up to optimize your rank in a LinkedIn search?
  • Does your profile most effectively leverage your brand?
  • Do you “communicate” even when you are sleeping?
  • And more…

We have identified over 30 features that will maximize the effectiveness
of your LinkedIn Profile.

And to help you achieve this,
We offer a variety of options to provide you exactly what you need
to “turbo-charge” your profile.

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