We’re sure by now that many of you have been focusing more and more on professional Social Networking sites like Linkedin, which is the largest and fastest growing.  In fact, Linkedin is growing at a rate of more than 1.2 million new users per month and is projecting to more than double to 70 million users by the end of 2009!

With an incredible growth rate like that, for those who know how to leverage it, it can be a “game changer” for their business.  In a similar vein, social networking & social media are becoming such mainstream issues that the popular press is writing about them almost daily.  Perhaps the most intriguing headline came from an article in Business Week, titled “Social Media Will Change Your Business Your customers and rivals are figuring it out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later.

That one really got us thinking and looking around and… we were very surprised!   ”Practical Guidance” and “Education” in this world of social networking (and social media) simply didn’t exist in a simple to access manner.  Trying to figure out Social Networking was all a “Do It Yourself” function (and who has spare time for that!).

Thus we took a long look at offering a business service that does just that, provide education and guidance on how to use, leverage and prosper from social networking, specifically on Linkedin, and decided to launch Link to Prosper.


Knowledge, Education and Guidance to get you on the Fast Track to your endeavors

We know that Social Media DOES NOT equal immediate results.  However Social Media DOES yield success if the proper “ingredients” are present.  In a very user friendly way, we help you gather these “ingredients” by providing the "knowledge” and offering “guidance” as to the most effective ways to utilize your action & initiative in time efficient manners!

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