Making your LinkedIn Résumé Stand Out More

Social networking is all about getting noticed so you can link to others without the need of chasing everyone down. This is exactly how it should be when you are trying to make your résumé stand out in LinkedIn too. Not everyone has the spare time to go scouting for other professionals that are willing to entertain any of your queries and see how good your résumé is. Often times you might end up looking in the wrong areas because not everyone is registered in LinkedIn to hire people.

If you follow these tricks, your résumé should be exposed to greater crowds resulting to people going to you instead of you going to them. The best thing about these tricks is that you can do them all once and just wait patiently for the results.

Preparing your LinkedIn Profile for Prime Time

Because you are expecting people to stumbling across your profile, you need to make sure they get a good first impression. First you should go over your LinkedIn profile and make sure all the details are up-to-date without any missing fields so that there is much to see. You can even go beyond that by making use of LinkedIn applications such as the Files application by This is a great application to utilize for showcasing your works no matter what file type they are. Make full use of’s organization features so you can have people go through all of your stuff. Give your profile one last check and then proceed to exposing your résumé.

Getting Noticed inside LinkedIn

There are millions of users registered in LinkedIn with a good fraction probably in the same field as you so your résumé may not be noticed right away until you “shaken things up” a little bit within LinkedIn’s community. You can participate in group discussions by joining groups and answer questions posted in LinkedIn answers. When doing this, remember that you shouldn’t be scouting for people so never give any hints that you are desperate for something. Instead, just stay focused on the discussions and make the most of what you are good at. The more you are active, the more people that will be interested to check out your résumé.

Getting Noticed outside LinkedIn

Once you are finished making a scene within LinkedIn, you can start gaining more exposure by doing activities outside LinkedIn. The quickest way to do this is to set up a blog. Blogs are great to use because they are almost effortless to set up and the LinkedIn widgets make it easy to link the blog to LinkedIn. It is recommended to use blog services that are compatible with LinkedIn so that blog entries can be fetched. You need to be fairly consistent with blogging and you should also advertise your blogs in other social networks for added exposure. You can even try including your LinkedIn link in your profile so other contacts can check you out.

Try to dedicate a few weeks in doing this and ensure that your profile stays up-to-date. You will be surprised with how many more inquires you get regarding your fantastic résumé.

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