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If you’ve got a large group to manage or if you just need some extra help, now you can easily add a manager to your group.  After logging in to LinkedIn, go to your group and click Manage.  Then click on My Groups.  Select Managers.  You’ll be able to quickly add or delete managers.  If you want to add a manager, he or she must already be a member of the group.  The person you add will also be able to manage the group from their own LinkedIn homepage.

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So you’ve decided to start LinkedIn Group. Congratulations!  When you create a group, you have the option of adding a logo.  When you upload an image, the system will automatically resize it.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to distortion, thereby affecting the quality and appearance of your logo.

If you want to create the best logo possible, use an image editor like SnagIt, Fireworks or Photoshop.  You can upload two different sizes of logo – 100 x 50 pixels or 60 x 30 pixels.  With these dimensions, you’ll be able to use your software to size your image appropriately.  Keep in mind that your image must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format and it must also be 100KB, or smaller, in size.

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Let’s say you’ve put together a list of pre-approved folks for a new group you’ve created.  If you want LinkedIn to automatically check the people on your “request to join” list against your pre-approved list, then make sure that the pre-approved file that you upload is 100 rows or less.  Keep in mind that you need to upload these folks in a .CSV format.  Keep in mind that you can always manually approve folks who are pending.

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LinkedIn is the perfect place to feature your group.  It’s easy to set up and manage a group.  You can create a specialized community of like-minded folks who can interact and create even stronger networks among themselves.  Not only can you invite folks from your own network, but you can reach out and find others within the larger LinkedIn network who might enjoy being a part of your group.

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When you create a group on LinkedIn, any and all communications within the group are your responsibility.  LinkedIn will never send any communications to your group.

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The LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar Dashboard is designed to keep in touch with your important contacts.  Consider some of these benefits:

  • Profile updates.  You’ll automatically be notified when anyone in your network updates theirs.
  • Keep up-to-date.  The Toolbar will also make sure that your Outlook Address Book includes the latest contact information – a great timesaver.
  • Email magic.  Sending a lot of emails?  The Dashboard will track your activity and then make recommendations of other folks to invite to your network based on email addresses to which you’re sending correspondence.
  • Reminder Service:  Are there contacts you haven’t connected with in a while?  Not to worry.  With the Dashboard reminder feature will let you know.

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You’ve just come across some information and you want to save it.  Copying and pasting just won’t do it – you’ll lose all the formatting and it just won’t be easy to read without it.  In just a few steps you can save any screen shot.  Try this:

1.  Go to the page you want to save

2.  On your computer keyboard, select CTRL and Print Screen at the same time. It will appear that nothing just happened.

3.  Go to a blank Word or other page and click CTRL and V  (Control-V is the keyboard command to “paste”.  Your screen print will appear.

4.  Alternatively, you can go to the editor of SnagIt or use another similar application and click CTRL and V as well.  This will paste the item in the editor where you can save it with any number of file extensions including .PNG or .JPG.

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There’s nothing worse than an unpleasant visual surprise when you perusing LinkedIn trying to connect with like-minded others.  Should you see an offensive photo, please consider reporting it to LinkedIn.  It’s easy to do.

1.  At the top of the person’s profile page, click “Flag this photo.”

2. Then you’ll be asked for a reason why you’re flagging it.  Make your selection and you’re done.  The LinkedIn Customer Support team will handle it from there.

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Groups are designed for interaction – for the benefit of all.  As a member of a LinkedIn group you can change your settings so that you can allow fellow group members to contact you without using a referral.  Go to your homepage to modify your settings.

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Want to post a job?  Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way:

1.  Go to the LinkedIn Menu at the top of the page.

2. Go to Jobs and click the down arrow and select Post a Job

3.  Fill out the job details.  At the bottom you can save a Draft so you can work on it later or you can click on “Next” so you can review the details.  Keep in mind that the job description is limited to 25,000 characters.  Also, don’t worry if you change any of the “pre-populated” inputs – it’s pulling some of the basic information from your own LinkedIn profile.  If you make any changes, rest assured that you original profile will remain unchanged.

4.  If everything is to your liking, click “Post this job” to submit it to the system.  You’ll receive a confirmation that the job is posted and you’re finished!

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